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5 Ways Local Listings Improved in 2017

  While many dubbed 2017 “the worst year ever” (isn’t that what they say every year?) due to the many natural disasters, devastating violence, heated political climate, the Fyre Festival, and men adopting the romper […]

The Anatomy of a Facebook Business Listing

  Whether you like it or not, Facebook is still a thing. Everyone and their mom (literally, my mom needs to cool it with the memes) spends too much of their day on this social […]

Local Search as Told by a Cookie Monster

  One day I was sitting at my desk and it occurred to me…I really want some cookies. The day prior, my boss told me about some amazing cookies, and since then, I couldn’t stop […]

Where is Facebook’s Momentum Taking It?

  About 11 years ago, my older sister was cooler than me. She could have a Facebook page because she was in college, and I couldn’t because I wasn’t. That soon changed and Facebook was […]