Instagram Introduces Video


Today, Instagram announced that its 130 million users will be able to share more than just artsy photos – they’ll be able to shoot, edit, filter and share 15-second videos too.

The announcement is a pretty big one. Not only does it threaten the immensely popular video-sharing app Vine, which went on the offensive yesterday by announcing a series of new features, but it also signals the first fundamental shift in Instagram’s photo-focused DNA.

Let’s take a look at the features. Like Vine, Video on Instagram lets you thread together clips of video, but instead of six seconds, you have 15 to work with. You can also edit – if you don’t like the last clip you shot, you have the option to delete it. Other sexy features include an array of filters and a “Cinema” mode, which stabilizes shaky phones, giving you a more professional look.

So what does this mean for brands? Video is an extremely attractive medium for advertisers and marketers. And while Instagram isn’t running ads yet, brands are already recognizing it as a valuable marketing platform. The 15-second video may also be more appealing to marketers struggling to create compelling content on Vine. Here are some brands who are already experimenting:

General Electric

Diane Von Furstenberg

Michael Kors


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