What the Jamaican Bobsled Team Taught Me About Digital Marketing


The world’s greatest underdogs returned to the Olympic stage in Sochi with a presence that brings life and excitement to an otherwise boring sport. Don’t get me wrong, I respect and appreciate what it takes to get to that point in any athlete’s life, but the truth is many people wouldn’t have tuned in for the bobsled event if it wasn’t for the Jamaican bobsled team. Then I started to wonder why. Was it the popularity of the early 1990s comedy– were people hoping to get a chuckle out of watching this at the expense of a team that would surely finish last? I certainly hope not (let’s remember that they qualified for the Olympics to begin with), because the guys running the sled were a prime example of sportsmen, being up against all odds and possessing the resolve that many of us need to strive for in all walks of life.

This concept applies to digital marketing as well, where often it is our agency or clients that are in a situation where they are competing with the giants in the space. Continuing to work your hardest to rise to the top, despite setbacks, and doing all that is within the realm of possibility to reach goals- this attitude is what sets truly great brands and marketing teams apart from the rest, no matter how large.

As work ethic is one important factor we look to master, we must also consider relationships; whether between the brand and the customer, or the agency and the client. We strive for a joyful climate that is born out of mutual respect, candor and perhaps a bit of laughter. Finding the right brand for you out of a sea of products can bring joy, and so can a great group of people bringing your company excellent results. This is the same type  of joy I experience from watching the Jamaican athletes compete in bobsled; they love the world and the world loves them.

The importance of commitment to our work and our relationships matters equally. Thank you, Jamaica, for helping me realize that. Also, thank you for this sweet video:


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