Location3 Recognized as Official Facebook Managed Partner

Over the past four years, Facebook has made great strides towards creating a user experience that allows for a natively integrated ad environment. Armed with different Goal options, amazing audience data, and various ad types (like Lead Gen ads), Facebook ads have morphed into a great fit for our Direct Response clients goals as well as our brand awareness client goals. In fact we typically we see Facebook ad performance fall somewhere in between that of paid search and display campaigns.

Facebook has had the ability to target ads based on audience data since they went live and released their first banner ads in 2004. But their ability to leverage complex audience data really started to blossom some ten years later with audience targeting, retargeting and lookalike audience capabilities.

With the performance-based prioritization we take at Location3, Facebook has (over the past three years) begun to get a seat at the table in our local marketing campaigns for franchise systems. When balancing tens of thousands of local franchise owners’ marketing campaigns, it’s important to leverage bottom-funnel, DR-focused ad campaigns first, in order to maximize what can often be small but efficient SMB ad budgets.

By utilizing our LOCALACT franchise marketing platform, we have seen the full value of Facebook Ads for small businesses and have proven its place in the local marketing model mix from franchise systems across nearly all different verticals.

Today we are proud to announce that years of research, testing, technology development and strategy development have made Location3 an official Facebook Managed Partner. Leveraging the LOCALACT platform for greater API integration with Facebook Pages, Insights, Reviews and Ads has provided the ideal foundation for managing complex Facebook data and ad campaigns; and the strategic insights of our agencies’ marketing experts have made this partnership possible.

For more information on how franchise marketing decision-makers are leveraging Facebook Ads across their franchise systems, and where those ads fall in local marketing model mix, contact the Location3 team today!

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