The Dos and Don’ts of Successful Link Building



Personally, I hate the term “link building”. It reminds me of back when I first started out doing SEO about seven years ago, when this effort was the bottom-of-the-barrel work you could hopefully pass on to an eager (yet naïve) intern. Link building back then was more about quantity over quality and the more links you could acquire, the better, even if the links weren’t that great and not super relevant.

With that being said, link building is still a very crucial part of the search engines’ algorithms and can greatly affect your rankings in the SERPs. But link building has evolved; one strong link with a high domain authority can (and likely will) far outweigh the value of obtaining even 50+ mediocre links.

Let’s look at some simple Dos and Don’ts of obtaining backlinks in 2015:

Do research a site thoroughly before reaching out and requesting a backlink. Is the site relevant to your industry/service offerings? Does the site have a considerable domain authority? Does the site receive a decent amount of traffic? Is the content on the site unique and quality? It’s important to keep in mind that if you obtain a link from a particular site, you will receive a portion of their link juice and will become associated with them to the search engines.

Don’t just ask for a link without providing an introduction and a reason why you would like the source you’re reaching out to you to link to your site. Briefly explain your business and the value your link could provide on someone’s site.

Don’t forget to follow up. Obtaining quality links isn’t easy and it isn’t quick. It’s important to keep track of your outreach efforts and follow up at least a second time, possibly even a third.

Again, acquiring quality links is tedious and time consuming work. You may do all of the above and still get no backlink. However, if you can get even just one that the search engines see as credible and valuable, it could improve the health of your backlink profile so keep forging forward.

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