Creative Platform

More Than Just On-Brand.

Digital Storytelling Requires Insight and Demands Quality.

Looking great is just the beginning. Effective digital storytelling begins with defining what motivates your customers and developing messaging that speaks to those needs. Then relevance and incentive builds relationships at each step of the path. Finally, inspiring images, words and ideas keep people coming back for more. Our digital creative is built on data intelligence to target the right audience, anticipate their needs and deliver a higher level of personalized connections along the way.

Graphic Design

More Than Just a Pretty Picture.

Graphic design in a digital context has to break through the chaos of the web to capture the interest of your audience and keep the conversation going. It’s not only about being on brand, it’s about using data and consumer research to create assets that are targeted and scaleable.  And no one can help you better with this, than your digital partner.

Graphic Design that Delivers

Give your brand a visual lift and drive more engagement with graphic design that breaks boundaries in the digital landscape.  Whether it’s an infographic, social media assets or the design of your website and landing pages, our award-winning experience will help you make the most of your digital efforts. Contact us today.

Web Development

Web Development With Brains and Brawn

We design the framework, or rather the brains behind a website, which is paired with the creative execution before anything is created. From coding to easily navigable content management systems, our experienced developers build in scalability, openness and ease of use. The design supports your overarching digital strategy and goals, while giving you a solution that can evolve into tomorrow.

We Design, Test, Deliver… and Test Again.

Web development at Location3 is about performance, plain and simple. Whether that’s improving user engagement or conversion rates, we use copious amounts of data to dictate every decision we make. From discovery to UX/UI, programming and development — we help you build a strong and mighty framework that supports your long-term goals. And we continue to monitor and adjust, ensuring optimal performance for your digital assets when you need it most. Contact us today.


Word Mavens, Curiosity Curators, Storytellers

It all begins with a story. How we tell that story is the artistry of digital writing that blends right-brain agility with brand-building common sense. Our messaging, whether that’s blog writing, outreach strategies, display ads, video scripts or websites, follows industry rules for high optimization and enhancement, but breaks them when it comes to originality, creativity and boundless imagination.

Digitally-Minded Copywriting That Moves The Consumer

For us, successful copy is all about engagement with your customer. It understands their emotional connection at each touch point, providing relevant information and a focused call-to-action that continues to move them through the funnel. It’s not just about telling a story, it’s about telling a story that generates a response. And that’s where we excel.  So, what story do you need to tell? Contact us today.

Video Production

Digital in Motion

Video is an integral cog in the wheel of an engagement strategy for social media management, universal ranking for SEO and online media campaigns. Our complete and integrated video production capabilities mean we can power your campaigns with the industry-leading technology. We concept it, script it, and capture moving images — everything from homepage marquee videos to pre-roll spots to animated motion graphics, for brands that want to move the faster.

Video Production that Moves Consumers

It’s no surprise that video is one of the best performing assets in your arsenal when it comes to consumption and sharing.  Whether it’s an educational piece targeted at your existing customer base, or a 30-second clip aimed at raising awareness for your brand, it’s just as much about the message as it is the placement.  Our experts know how to get the right message in front of the right people, at the right place and the right time.

Is not having the right video production capabilities keeping you from bringing sight, sound and motion to your brand? Let’s talk.