Franchise & Multi-Unit Solutions

Complexity and Consistency Do Co-Exist.

Franchise & Multi-Unit Solutions Boosting On-Brand Visibility Across All Locations.

Improved performance for franchise and multi-unit businesses demands a system-wide, cross-channel strategy that provides consistent results across all locations. Your brand is stronger when everyone is on the same page, which is why our custom 24/7 franchisee portal, dedicated account managers and experienced strategists are all available to solve problems and maximize budgets. Our local experts are dedicated to driving traffic for our clients, bringing corporate brand consistency to the local level and delivering greater visibility to propel overall performance.

Local Business Listings & Local Listing Management

Delivering Greater Visibility to 100,000+ Locations

Want to get found? Our local listing management services ensure customers searching for your product discover you first. By integrating corporate and store-level campaigns we drive consistent brand awareness at a national and community level for all local business listings.

Personalized Local Business Listings & Listing Management Services

An automated aggregator is never going to give you the results you need to consistently outrank the competition. Instead, our high-touch approach combines the efficiency of local listing technology with expert account managers dedicated to optimizing your listings for maximum accuracy and position. Our local specialists use deep analytics reporting to not only uncover and fix inaccuracies before they hurt your business, but also to ensure your brand owns more of the search results page.

Because in today’s search landscape accuracy is the foundation, but it isn’t the pinnacle. We utilize technical and user-focused SEO strategies including in-depth keyword research, optimized page copy and content recommendations to drive your local business listings to the top of the results. By designing an excellent user experience from click-to-call functionality to attractive and functional landing pages, our team of experts turn your local pages into the kind of quality content search engines reward with high rankings.

Your team at Location3 is dedicated to keeping you educated on the local space, picking up the phone when you call and troubleshooting any listing issue you encounter- even if it’s not related to our management. Let’s see an automatic platform match that.

People are already searching for your product or service. Contact us today to talk about making it easier for them to find their way through your doors.

Don’t believe us? Read our Advantage Rent A Car case study to find out how our team used an integrated pay per click, SEO and local listing management strategy to deliver:

• 220% increase in total reservations
• 99% increase in traffic to the local pages since January 2013
• 198% increase in the percentage of total site visits from local pages
• 77% increase in number of listings showing in the #1 position for tracked keywords
• 14% lift in local listing accuracy

“Location3 continually exceeds our expectations. Our partnership has proven to be one of the best decisions we have ever made.” –Carrie Kelly, Director of Marketing, Advantage Rent A Car


Franchise Paid Search

You wouldn’t use a hand wrench to accurately torque 4,000 lug nuts.

So stop applying single-store solutions to the multi-unit universe. Our franchise pay per click experts develop campaigns that bring local searchers in the door while upholding corporate brand standards. We keep franchise owners satisfied with hyper-local geotargeting and 24-hour reporting portals that eliminate inter-store competition and provide access to outstanding performance results around the clock.

Is Your Franchise Paid Search Strategy Paying Off?

Find out what franchise-specific, integrated PPC programs can do to boost your brand awareness at a national and local level. Contact us today.

Multi-Unit Social Management

Multi-Faceted Conversations for Multi-Unit Businesses

When you have thousands of locations, it’s all too easy to talk over each other on social channels. Finding the perfect balance between consistent brand messaging and local connections can seem impossible. Lucky for you, our multi-unit social media strategies have been developed specifically for multi-unit businesses to achieve Engagement Nirvana on social channels. Along with overall corporate strategy we craft detailed guidelines for franchisees based on local target audiences and goals.

Multi-Unit Social Management Today, Loyal Customers Tomorrow

From the initial audit to complex Parent-Child integrations on Facebook and Foursquare, we help you develop the strong customer relationships that lift store traffic today and build your business down the road. Contact us to start a conversation that goes somewhere.

Location-based Landing Page Services

Thousands of Pages Powering Your Visibility

Optimized local landing pages are the foundation of online visibility for franchise and multi-unit businesses. But keeping hundreds or thousands of location pages updated and consistent can be a nightmare for both corporate and franchise owners. Our location-based landing page services optimize every page element from titles to URL structure to gain long-term search ranking and a seamless brand experience for local searchers.

The Optimal Location Based Landing Pages

What do you get when you combine our SEO expertise, local optimization tactics and conversion testing program? The absolute certainty that your local pages are finely-tuned conversion machines. Let’s discuss local today.

Local SEO

Local Searchers are Trying to Become Local Customers.

Is your brand the first one they’ll spot? Our local search engine optimization program is designed to drive your locations to the top of the results page, raising visibility and in-store traffic. By utilizing technical SEO strategies, in-depth keyword research and optimized page copy, our team of experts turn your local pages into the kind of quality content search engines reward with high rankings.

Top-Ranking Local SEO

People are already searching for the products and services you provide. Talk to us today to find out how to ensure you’re their first option.