The way we watch TV and video content is dramatically different than it was even three years ago. Recent data indicates that CTV/OTT consumers in the U.S. will exceed 200 million in 2021 and ad revenues on these channels will top $11 billion.

The world of traditional television was built around the idea of a universe of viewers and gross rating points (GRPs), but that media buying world is still inefficient in many ways when it comes to providing an effective customer experience. Traditional TV ads are served to everyone who tunes in to a program, often leading to a number of wasted impressions from audiences outside of your intended target group.

As consumer media preferences and habits have evolved, technology advancements have enabled an alternative to the GRP-based television buying system.

Connected TV

Connected TV is the most precise and measurable option for advanced TV advertising. CTV advertising allows for real-time buying of ads airing on long-form content that is streamed through over-the-top (OTT) devices connected to the internet. Impressions can be bought individually, and audience data can be used to target on a one-to-one household basis.

addressable targeting at the household level

Addressable TV

Addressable TV targeting also gives you the ability to show different ads to different households during the same program, so that your campaigns reach your intended audience more effectively. For addressable TV campaigns, we can also gather data and insights into which households were exposed to your campaigns, allowing us to either exclude them from Connected TV buys or retarget them across channels.

Shift Your Focus from Content to Audience

traditional tv targeting

Linear TV Targeting

Adults 35-64, Adults 65+. TV DMA. Daypart. Network. Program.

CTV & Digital Targeting

Female. Age 49. Married. 2 Kids. Zip Code or Lat/Long. Owns iPhone, iPad, Dell laptop, Samsung 55″ TV. Interests: watches HGTV, Game of Thrones. Behaviors: Shops at Macy’s, Whole Foods. Time of day/day of week. Device Type. Content.

How We Buy Media


Branded Creative, Local Activation

Unlike linear TV, spots run on CTV/OTT devices allow for inclusion of location-specific information to drive direct response from potential customers. This tactic has proven to increase conversions, as recent data shows that compared to linear TV users, CTV users are 71% more likely to tell friends about a brand, 53% more likely to search for a brand and 52% more likely to buy a product.

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