Strategic Development

Connect the Dots

A High-Performing Digital Strategy Goes Beyond Platforms to Connections

Platforms operating in isolation will never perform as well as a coordinated digital strategy. Owned, paid and earned efforts must do more than intersect, they have to work together to build audiences, capture interest and inspire action. Optimizing these connections by integrating campaigns and utilizing data across channels opens up new worlds of opportunity for success. Because when we bring together the right data, the right message and the right people your brand is unstoppable.

Owned Media

It’s Already Yours. Own it.

Optimizing the channels you control and owning their existing relationships is an important first step towards truly owning your assets, whether that’s websites, blogs, or social media profiles. If you really want to make those owned media channels work harder for you, we can help you do it, while minimizing the cost, adding versatility and opening doors to reach new audiences. Real-time intelligence helps us map out a plan to reach your goals, whether they relate to promotions, brand building or sales.

Turn Data into “Aha Moments” With Owned Media

The channels are yours, but unless they’re working at peak performance, you’re leaving money on the table. Work with us to develop an owned media strategy that optimizes your assets. Contact us today.

Paid Media

Paid Media, Powered by Data Intelligence.

Conventional digital wisdom says search ads generate leads and display ads build brands. We’ve found that by taking that a step further and leveraging both together, brands really start to pick up steam. But don’t just take our word for it. Using advanced attribution analysis and media mix modeling, we track behavioral insights to give you a clear picture of why visitors are traveling certain channels, while highlighting each channel’s participation in the lift. Quite simply, you’ll know exactly which touch points generate conversions and why.

We’re proud to use Performance Re-Optimization (PRO), a proprietary tool we built for PPC that uses query-based campaigns to match advertisements with what consumers are actually searching for. With PRO we take the guesswork out of keyword development and bid optimization. What that means for business is your conversion volume goes up, and your cost-per conversion plummets.

Is Your Paid Media Strategy Adding up?

Throwing an ad or two out into the digital media universe without strong thinking behind it is like shooting an arrow blindfolded. Target your paid media for success. Contact us today.

Earned Media

Brand Thought Leaders Don’t Shout, They Speak Softly and Carry a Big Message.

A well-engineered earned strategy positions your brand as an industry thought leader, giving you credibility, transparency and a platform for a long life. It’s the proof to the “why” not because your company is saying it, but because everyone else is. Building those relationships takes time, and we solidify them by pitching unexpected ideas, creating highly relevant content and always asking, “what’s next?”

Earned Media Strategies with Big-Thinking Behind Them

Shape people’s perception of your brand, the right way. We’ll show you how.