How Location3 Maximized Customer Conversions During Peak Season

HoneyBaked Ham is a food retailer that sells hams, turkey breasts and other pre-cooked entrées, side dishes, and desserts. The consumer demand for HoneyBaked Ham’s products are highly seasonal with ~60% of expected annual revenue is generated during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. This makes it crucial to create brand awareness and location awareness during these high-impact seasonal periods in order to drive and convert more consumers as they plan for the holidays.

Given that HoneyBaked Ham is a franchise system, national and local efforts require a balancing act that ensures marketing dollars are properly allocated in order to effectively promote brand and e-commerce awareness, while simultaneously supporting hyper-localized campaigns that drive customers to local HoneyBaked Ham stores across the United States.  Location3 developed an integrated digital strategy for the Thanksgiving holiday season that included a mix of national paid media, hyper-local paid search and holiday content on local business listings to drive increases in awareness, customer acquisition and total revenue during November 2016.


Target Audience

The strategy developed by Location3 supported the national brand team of HoneyBaked Ham, as well as the 211 individual franchisees that own and operate HoneyBaked Ham store locations throughout the country.  The primary target audience for HoneyBaked Ham included individuals planning to host or participate in a Thanksgiving holiday dinner event.


From an innovation standpoint, Location3 analyzed historical data by region and trends from previous HoneyBaked Ham holiday peaks, and then used that data to create local paid search campaign segments that were based on the varying performance of specific regions.  We also leveraged that data to successfully show how the entire HoneyBaked Ham franchise system could benefit from additional corporate funding of franchisee campaigns in order to capture more lead volume and customers. This approach helped us successfully onboard over 100 new locations for the Thanksgiving holiday push in 2016.


On a national scale, we bulk uploaded relevant holiday content to all business listings on both Google and Bing, to encourage store visits.  We also launched a national paid media campaign that focused on driving awareness of HoneyBaked Ham’s holiday specials. National PPC focused on brand terms and messaging, and a national display campaign helped drive awareness for both store locations and e-commerce options.

On a hyper-local level, our approach consisted of a “two-ends” optimization cycle where aggregate data from all HoneyBaked Ham locations was used to inform campaign architecture, and signals from each location ultimately helped guide bid and budget decisions across the entire franchise. Local campaigns were given preference in the auction over national by using bid layering, or in some cases, geographic exclusion. To ensure local territory compliance on a location-by-location basis, we layered in local targeting data like DMA, city, county and zip code. Lastly, our proprietary optimization algorithm (“KOM”) allowed incoming data to drive increased performance by keyword while reducing wasteful spending.

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