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How To Grow Revenue In An Evolving Business Environment

The world of franchise marketing continues to evolve with changing online user behavior, interests and preferences. Our free white paper gives you insights and information to help you adapt to those changes and set your franchise up for business growth.

Key Takeaways

Topics covered include:

How To Strike A Balance Between Franchisor & Franchisee Marketing

As the lines between the traditional and digital experiences blur, brands and marketers must invest in the experience that gives them the most direct line to potential customers in their target audience.

Marketing Beyond COVID-19

As you lay out a marketing plan for moving beyond COVID-19, we discuss key channels and tactics that can help you maximize efficiency and generate revenue.

Why Connected TV Can No Longer Be Ignored

To adapt to new consumer behavior on digital devices and potentially make your TV budget spend more efficiently, consider a Connected TV/OTT media campaign.

Three Common Mistakes Made By Franchise CMO’s

In evaluating partnerships and marketing investments for the coming year, avoid these common mistakes that are often made during the decision making process.

Additional Topics

More info on how to integrate national and local marketing.

From determining the best approach to bidding on your own brand in paid search campaigns, to increasing local marketing adoption among franchisees, to the pitfalls of spending budget on Facebook Boosted Posts, our white paper is the guide you need for maximizing your digital marketing opportunities.

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