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Stetson is an iconic American brand known for producing top-quality hats, along with fragrances and clothing.


The entire field of search engine optimization has shifted to meet search engine algorithm changes that reward high-quality, engaging content over simplistic link building. Our SEO team has consistently stayed ahead of this by building relationships with bloggers in our client’s industries. Raising search visibility for Stetson presented a unique challenge because there is so much noise in the fashion blogging space. It took hours of searching and inquiring and a few dead ends to finally develop relationships with high-quality bloggers wanting to share branded visual content with their audience. Two of these relationships led to the kind of organic content money can’t buy.


We discovered an amazing photographer named Ray Gordon whose aesthetic was a perfect fit for Stetson. Through some elaborate web sleuthing we were able to get in touch and Ray immediately suggested The Selvedge Yard as an excellent blog to host images he shot for Stetson. Our team had already identified The Selvedge Yard’s rockabilly flavor as a great fit for Stetson, so they agreed to host and the project was green-lit.

Stetson sent Ray a box of hats and he pulled together a motley crew of friends and models for a shoot.

We coordinated with Ray to share the photos with proper Stetson social media handles and tags on his own social media channels, along with all of the crew and models. Ray also produced a companion video with his production company, Throttled Films titled “Flyin’ High in Oregon” that perfectly reflects Stetson’s brand value of homegrown authenticity.


“Stetson USA sent us a big box of badass hats and we went and showed those hats how we do it! We went out and had one of the best days of our lives on Parsons Farm on Sauvies Island in Oregon. Yeah, it was a planned shoot but the fun was as authentic as it gets. It wasn’t a job. No money changed hands. Every summer I like to do a big self-promotion shoot. This was me being selfish and cramming all of my likes in one fun day. Incredible day with great friends!” –Ray Gordon



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