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Editor’s Note: This post has been updated for accuracy and relevance. The original post by Alison Johnston was published on April 6, 2016.


As Google Map listings have evolved, from the era of Google+ to Google My Business, so too have the photo placement and requirements changed. As users increasingly turn to Google Map listings as the source for business information, Google has expanded the photo options and types (now including video!) on listings. While logo, profile, and cover images remain the most important images to ensure a listing has, Google offers the option to add business-specific photos that can be helpful to potential customers in their decision-making process.

Google Photo Types

  • Logo photo – the logo for your business to help customers easily identify this business as an official store or establishment of the brand
  • Profile photo – a photo to help customers easily identify your business
  • Cover photo – your business’ preferred photo. Though it’s preferred, it doesn’t guarantee that this image will populate as the first image on your listing.
  • 360 images360 snapshots created using Street View to help customers find your business
  • Interior photos – give customers an idea of what to expect of the ambiance of your business
  • Exterior photos – photos of the outside of your business to aid customers in finding your establishment
  • Product photos – photos that represent the products you offer
  • At-work photos – to help customers understand what type of work you do
  • Food & drink photos – showcase the type of food and drink you serve
  • Common areas – photos of shared areas to attract customers such as spa, gym, or breakfast room
  • Rooms – showcase the various types of rooms you offer
  • Team photos – informal photos of team members at work to display a more personal side of your business

Google has standardized the photo specifications for the various photo types to ensure that the images display properly on listings across Search and Maps.

Google’s Photo Guidelines

  • Format: JPG or PNG.
  • Size: Between 10 KB and 5 MB.
  • Minimum resolution: 720 x 720 pixels.
  • Quality: The photo should be in focus and well lit, and have no significant alterations or excessive use of filters. In other words, the image should represent reality.

Google’s Video Guidelines

  • Duration: Up to 30 seconds long
  • File size: Up to 100 MB
  • Resolution: 720 pixels or higher

If your photos don’t fit these standards, Google may not be able to display them.

As a recommendation, it would be beneficial to all brands and companies on Google My Business to utilize all photo types that they have access to in order to aid potential customers in knowing what to expect, assist them in their decision-making process, and ultimately show viewers why they should click “Get Directions”, and pay your business a visit.

If you have any questions on how your business can maximize your online business listings, contact us today!

Google Map Listing Photos on Mobile

Google Map Listing Photos on Desktop


The original post can be referenced below.

The Google+ landscape is changing, and with that change, we’re seeing a change in the photo requirements and placement that align with those changes. There are a number of different placements that these images can publish on Google in conjunction with your business listing, and each of those placements has different size metrics to take into consideration.

For your primary Google My Business photos associated with your business listing, the Google+ profile image, your business logo image, and your Google+ cover photo image are the most important ones to focus on. For all of the image size specifics we reference in this article, all of these numbers should be measured in terms of pixels.






Profile photos are just the profile image for the G+ pages and need to be less than 500×500, a border or extra space is recommended around the image to get all of the content to fit. This is a guideline to make sure critical items in the image are 40 number of pixels off of the edge of the photo to ensure they don’t get cut off.

This article recommends 16:9 aspect ratio for the cover photo, which still aligns with the 1080×608 that we have been requiring.

The logo and “other images” should be greater than 1000×1000 or less than 3000×3000. Include cover photo image in the additional images if you want this to show up with your listing.

“Preferred photo” doesn’t appear in the maps view (google.com/maps), instead it’s defaulting to that whichever image you selected as the preferred image. The preferred image needs to be at least 1000×1000 for that spot.

Any additional images that you associate with your business listing? We recommend those images size about 1024 pixels x 1024 pixels.

Other additional guidelines to note with uploading images to Google:

  • Photos must be in one of these formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP
  • All photos must be smaller than 5MB
  • The longer dimension of the photo should be no more than twice the shorter dimension. Landscape photos look better than portrait photos on Google products.

If your photos don’t fit these standards, Google may not be able to display them.

As a recommendation, we would say it would behoove all brands and companies on Google+ to head on over to their pages to see what their profiles look like in the new layout.

Here are some articles from Google for your reference:



New Google+ Profile Layout:










New Google+ Layout About Pop Out Section:





















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