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White Paper: Marketing Attribution: Models, Frameworks, and Methodology

Marketing Attribution: Models, Frameworks, and Methodology Marketing attribution is the process of assigning credit to…

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Google Marketing Live 2023

This sh*t was bananas! No seriously, after a full day…

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Part 3: How ChatGPT and Google’s Bard Are Impacting the Search Engine Landscape

In Part One and Part Two of our artificial intelligence…

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Industry Roundup – April 2023

Here are the latest updates for the month of April:…

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Making headlines for all the right reasons.

Franchise Marketing Economics: How to Maximize Ad Spend in 2023

When reviewing data from most 2023 media forecasts from eMarketer and other similar research firms,…

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IFA Toolkit: Enhanced Google Products for Franchises

The International Franchise Association’s 2022 Supplier Source Book Toolkit is the definitive guide to finding…

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Location3 & Wild Birds Unlimited Win Big at Franchise Innovation Awards

The annual Franchise Innovation Awards ceremony was held once again this week as part of…

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