Paid Social Marketing & Advertising

At Location3, Paid Social marketing refers to all advertising efforts across social media channels.

What Can Paid Social Advertising Do For You?

At Location3, Paid Social marketing refers to all advertising efforts across social media channels. Social media is a key component of an omni-channel approach to digital marketing. We understand which channels hold the most potential for your brand and how to optimize campaigns across those different channels.

Our goal is yours: to lead prospective customers to further engagement with your brand by attracting them at every point in the consumer journey.

Location3’s Paid Social offering is tailored to your brand’s audiences and is designed to scale to local-level advertisers. With a specialty for multi-location and franchise businesses, we owe our decades of success to a value-driven approach to every client.

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Full-Service Paid Social Marketing Capabilities

Location3’s Paid Social strategists and account managers craft social media campaigns that resonate with your audience and adhere to your brand standards and style. Our full-service approach includes:

Competitor Audits

It is essential to understand how and where your competitors are showing up on social media. Identifying where your competition is succeeding and failing can provide insights on what social media platforms are most valuable to your business, what to avoid, and what gaps are missing that your brand can fill.

Audience Analysis

The ultimate objective of any marketing strategy is to both attract and seek-out the right kind of audience. We will analyze your existing audiences to determine which demographics are most likely to purchase products or services from your company. This also helps determine which social platforms will be best for your business.

Audience Overlap Analysis

Using a suite of marketing tools, we analyze the percentage of people who overlap among your audiences in social channels. By better understanding audience overlap, we can reduce wasted advertising spend and better target audiences that are more likely perform the desired action – book a call, visit a store, purchase a product online, etc.

Creative Performance Review

Humans are notoriously imperfect at choosing winning creative. We let the data be our guide to optimizing creative – imagery, video, and copy – to make more effective advertising campaigns on social platforms.

Optimization Analysis

Our Paid Social experts understand the varying campaign objectives and optimization opportunities available within each social media advertising platform. With our analyses, we can recommend and execute the campaign optimizations that will most impact performance and deliver more cost-effective results.

Campaign Structure Review

Campaign structure is one of the most overlooked aspects of running a successful campaign. Ads, ad sets, and campaigns must be thoughtfully structured and maintained to successfully execute a Paid Social strategy that works the way it is supposed to. We assess your current campaign structure and recommend changes to maximize your ROI.

Funnel Optimization

Based on the campaign objectives, budgets, and bid strategies best suited to your business, varying optimizations are available to improve ad performance and minimize costs. Our experts navigate the complexities of campaign set-up to ensure your campaigns are as efficient as possible.

Paid Social for Franchises

Location3 is a Meta Business Partner, which means we have demonstrated expertise in campaign management across Meta technologies. As a badged partner, we have access to their elite marketing resources, advanced tools and training, to stay on the forefront of advertising on these channels.  

Our expertise doesn’t stop at Meta technologies; our skills extend across social media platforms. We work to identify the most cost-effective platforms to meet and extend your customer base.  

We are also proud of our other hallmark business networks relationships and resources that allow us to be the premier Paid Social provider for franchise networks.  

  • Member of the International Franchise Association Supplier Forum
  • Inclusion in the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives

Regardless of the structure of your brand’s marketing and advertising budget, we can plan and execute cohesive Paid Social campaigns for your brand and locations or service providers. Our LOCALACT marketing platform allows your franchisees to invest their local marketing funds and delivers transparent reporting at both the corporate and local levels. LOCALACT thereby enables your brand marketing team to monitor local investment in digital campaigns.  

As part of our Listings Management service, we can also manage your brand’s Parent-Child Facebook location pages. Plus, LOCALACT integrates with Facebook, allowing your brand’s local business owners to manage and respond to their Facebook reviews from within the app. 

How to Get Started

Location3’s Paid Social advertising services are best-in-class. By crafting meaningful messaging and delivering ads on the social platforms where your customers spend their time, we can better move customers down the path to conversion.   

Contact us today to start a Paid Social advertising program for your brand.