Digital Recap: Google Updates – Present & Future

Franchise Activation Conference 

Yesterday, LOCALACT wrapped the final day of the first ever Franchise Activation Conference, co-hosted by Google and the International Franchise Association (IFA). The event featured two days of quality, relevant content for franchises, with informative and engaging speakers and panelists who covered a myriad of topicsLocation3 is proud to power the LOCALACT platform, and we’re thankful for the partnerships with Google and the IFA that made this virtual conference a success!  

Sorry you missed it? The conference in its entirety will be available to stream soon! Learn more about the event. 

Improving Your Site’s Core Web Vitals for SEO 

Location3’s Matt Lacuesta sheds light on the importance of understanding Google’s Core Web Vitals report for your site’s search visibility and improving the metrics therein, especially in light of the May 2021 Google algorithm updateRead Lacuesta’s post to better understand what Core Web Vitals are and how to approach improving them with the impending algorithm update. 

A visual representation of Google's Core Web VitalsGoogle also published a helpful FAQ guide this week for Core Web Vitals & Page Experience. 

Google Announces December 2020 Core Update 

Speaking of Google updates, there’s one happening now. Google announced yesterday that it would start rolling out its December 2020 Core Update, a process that will likely take 1-2 weeks. Barry Schwartz covers the update for Search Engine Land. Essentially, core updates like this are important because your website’s rank in search results could be affected – for better or worse! Read Schwartz’s piece for more and stay tuned to your analytics and rankings! 

Facebook Video Best Practices 

As Andrew Hutchinson writes for Social Media Today, video should be a part of your holiday marketing mix. It performs the best across all social platforms! Facebook recently shared three best practices to give your videos a boost. With helpful examples, Hutchinson provides a breakdown of the advice in his article. Read his piece here. 


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