Search Engine Optimization

Your business deserves visibility and prominence in the local online market. To get there, you need strong digital marketing and a Search Engine Optimization strategy to put your locations on the map.

What Can SEO Do For You?

Your business deserves visibility and prominence in the local online market. To get there, you need strong digital marketing and a Search Engine Optimization strategy to put your locations on the map. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of making your website pages and content more visible and credible to the top search engines. If you want to be among the first websites listed for your best keywords, SEO services are essential. 

What can Search Engine Optimization Do for Your Business? 

  • Increase visibility 
  • Reach top SERP rankings 
  • Increase targeted customer traffic 
  • Improve the effectiveness of inbound marketing 
  • Increase digital authority in your field 
  • Make your website easier to navigate 

Why Location3?

Location3 provides expert digital marketing services to franchise and multi-location businesses. Our Enterprise level SEO solutions help improve search engine visibility on a national level while providing local market activation among your target audience. Our SEO strategies help you to attract prospective customers at all points in the consumer journey and lead them to further engagement with your brand. 

Get Started with Search Engine Optimization

Boost your business' visibility on search engines and virtual maps. Dominate with both primary and secondary keywords. Become the authority your brand expertise deserves. 

SEO Service Capabilities

Site Audit & Performance Evaluation

We determine what's good, what's bad, and the great potential of your website's current SEO performance. From your homepage to your blog archives and everything in between. Let us give you an assessment of your content, keywords, and site performance. 

Keyword Research

What are your best keywords? What terms should you optimize for? We run advanced keyword analysis and let you know your best query groups to target. 

Content Gap Analysis

Every brand has covered some subjects more than others. We'll help you round out your content to create comprehensive guides for your readers and topical authority for your SEO results. 

Content Planning & Production

Content planning is essential for great ongoing search engine optimization. Building a great page structure for your website and relevant blog content keeps your website fresh and engaging. 

Website Migration Support

Need to move your website to a new domain or platform? We'll make sure a migration plan and new website are perfectly arranged for search engine optimization performance. 

Technical Action Plans

The action plan between where you are and what you need. We'll tell you how to build the stack and what technical actions will help optimize your site for search engines. 

Competitor Research

What is your competition doing to succeed at SEO in your industry vertical? We'll do the competitor research to top their tactics and rank on any overlapping keywords. 

Content Distribution & Link Building

Being part of a network of links is a big part of building authority. We can help distribute your content for maximum exposure and build links with trusted sites for a boost in authority. 

Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Franchises

Location3 has been working in search engine marketing since 1999.  We have evolved with the industry and know what it takes to get your franchise brand at the top of search results. When it comes to fine-tuning your franchise website, content, and marketing assets for search engine success, we know exactly what to do.  


Location3 is proud of our work in franchising and have built hallmark business relationships, and resources that allow us to be the premier SEO provider for franchise networks. 


  • Member of the International Franchise Association Supplier Forum 
  • Inclusion in the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives 


The benefits of our relationships profoundly boost the quality of services that only we can provide to our franchise clients –and these are just some of the reasons we can provide a level of service that other SEO agencies simply can't.   

Boost Your SEO Performance Today

 Are you ready to take your brand's online visibility to the next level?  When every page of your website is optimized for search engine performance, you gain the prominence needed for every relevant search. 

Every brand can take the next step and hone their website with excellent SEO both in website content and technical design. Get started with an SEO services consultation today. Schedule an introductory call and we can begin on the path to boosting your visibility.