Every parent faces the challenge of helping their child achieve academic success and for many, the idea of finding the right school or tutoring partner to support their efforts can be daunting. Every student seeking to advance their education faces the challenge of evaluating in-person versus virtual learning, rising education costs, the growing need for vocational skills, and more. These issues are undoubtedly reshaping education, prompting innovation and transformation throughout both early childhood education and higher education sectors. At Location3, we understand that both parents and students spend a significant amount of time and energy finding their best-fit school, tutoring progam, college or university. With so many options available, education providers need to transform how they engage with both parents and prospective students alike, and inspire them to take action.  It’s our role as a strategic partner to understand the nuances of this decision-making process so that we can connect your brand in a meaningful way with the right audiences at all stages of their journey as they seek to find the best education options avaiable. We offer omni-channel digital marketing strategies, powered by data, to help you find and qualify potential families needing your services, generate leads, and assist throughout the enrollment process.

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Education Case Study: Mathnasium

Life during covid-19 pandemic. Seen from behind young mother and child with masks, yellow backpack and antiseptic coming back from school outside.

The Challenge

Covid created a shift in parents’ roles and responsibilities toward their children’s education and in doing so, created ripple effects in early childhood education and tutoring that will likely be felt for years. Lead volume and program enrollments were declining. The goal was to generate high-quality leads across several tutoring categories – with the goal to increase program enrollment across their 200+ locations.  

The Strategy

Location3 and LOCALACT developed a strategic media mix focused on bottom-funnel tactics proven to drive more cost-effective lead volume. A mix of paid search, paid social, and retargeting was used to target high-income households with children within a certain distance of a physical location. Caregivers (could be a parent, grandparent, foster parent, etc) would complete an online assessment on the location landing page or call the center to get more information. 

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The Results

Leveraging a combination of machine learning and strategic account management across paid search, paid social, and retargeting tactics, Location3 increased total lead volume 16% year-over-year with only a 2% increase in budget! Our comprehensive approach reduced cost per lead 12% year-over-year and improved the conversion rate more than 20%. 

Hear From Our Partners

“The team is responsive and always willing to assess and adjust based on what’s working and what isn’t. It’s a dynamic approach – not static. They don’t just sit back and wait for results, but instead are constantly analyzing data and optimizing for better results.”

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