The work behind every storefront.

We work with brands to support each franchise like they were the only franchise.

Who We Are

Whether corporate-wide or that one store, restaurant, gym, or local service provider down the street, there are two elements to marketing franchise businesses that always need to be measured - first is the numbers and data that offer insight into how customers find local businesses online and how they decide where to spend their hard-earned dollars.

Then there is the human element, the story behind each franchise owner, the risk they took, the goals they have and the work that goes on day in and day out to build a successful business.

Since our journey began in 1999, Location3 has taken the approach that even the world's most recognized brands need to support their franchises and business locations on a local level, using smart strategies and tactical executions that help owners and managers overcome challenges, while recognizing and acting on the opportunities to grow from one store to the next and one quarter to the next.


Our Technology

With LOCALACT, our local digital marketing platform that evolved from observing the challenges of franchise businesses and overall needs of our brand partners, we're now able to optimize each local media mix, scale marketing, and provide data and insights to corporate and franchisees seamlessly and effectively.

When you combine the focused, engaged team of people who can offer insight, support, and guidance with our hyper-localized technology, you add power and scale to your brand's digital marketing that works to make each store its own success story.


Our Work

We help brands and businesses grow. The results speak for themselves.

Our work goes beyond media buying, tactical execution, data collection and analysis because we know that your business is made up of a diverse group of franchise owners who depend on your guidance and leadership. The result is a reflection of how our industry experts use our powerful platform to create a hyper-localized approach to digital marketing that is refreshingly...human.

Our People

With a team of more than 80 people and over two decades' worth of proven results, what differentiates Location3 from other digital marketing agencies is how we blend innovative and incisive technology with experienced, easy-to-work-with professionals who understand the complexities of the franchise business model and know that a brand's success isn't as much about what happens in the corporate office as it is about that one storefront down the street.

Andrew Beckman


Alex Porter


Crystal Ware

Managing Director

Jim Lovelady

Chief Revenue Officer

Josh Allen

VP of Marketing

Lindsey Helmick

Chief of Staff

Vera Shafiq

VP of Digital Strategy

Amanda Qualls

Director of Human Resources

Boyd Hathaway

Director of Franchise Performance

Shalini Reddy

Director of Local Strategy

Keshia Abbott

Senior Strategy Director

Jim Halligan

VP of Marketing Technology

Katy Zasada

Senior Strategy Director

Lindsay Testai

Director of Operations

Tom Lynch

Senior VP of Growth & Innovation

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