Programmatic Media Campaigns Drive Brand Awareness

How Programmatic CTV and Display Delivered for Wild Birds Unlimited

During the winter months, while consumer attention may shift away from enjoying the outdoors and backyards, it’s still a vitally important time for the wild birds of North America – and by extension, it’s an essential time for the 350+ retail stores that make up the Wild Birds Unlimited brand.



Reach New Customers, Drive Brand Awareness

Location3 wanted to help Wild Birds Unlimited reach new customers and generate brand awareness for the winter holiday retail rush. We recommended a programmatic connected TV (CTV) and display campaign to build on the existing omni-channel, national and local efforts across Paid Search, Social, and Google Display Ads.


Why CTV and Display?

With programmatic CTV and native display advertising, we saw the opportunity to get in front of more potential customers - on more devices – and to apply sophisticated targeting and retargeting tactics to create a holistic customer experience. We were also able to be creative in our execution of these campaigns: we applied a QR code to our CTV ads (before Coinbase’s legendary Super Bowl commercial!), generating clicks on ads that are typically viewed on a television screen.

Site Conversions
from CTV QR Code Clicks


KPI Goals: Exceeded

For the programmatic/native display campaigns, we set a cost per click (CPC) goal of $3. For CTV, we aimed for a video completion rate (VCR) of 90%.

Overall, we surpassed our KPI goals, delivering an average CPC of $2.46 on display campaigns. We achieved a VCR of 91.63% for our CTV campaigns.

Display Campaign Results

Display campaigns across Canada and the US delivered the following results:

• Total Impressions: 20,759,561
• Total Clicks: 20,836
• Click-Through-Rate (CTR): 0.045% (surpassing the industry standard for display campaigns: 0.01-0.03%)


CTV Campaign Results

CTV campaigns delivered the following:

• Impressions: 11,603,739
• Total Video Completions: 9,335,897
• Total Clicks: 6,552
• Total Video Starts: 11,507,444
• Average CTR: 0.082% (Note: Our campaigns are setting industry standards with clicks on CTV advertising)


QR Codes Power Conversions

Typically, video campaigns provide only view-through performance metrics. By implementing the QR code, we were able to generate clicks on these ads - garnering 4,747 clicks, with 289 site conversions (savings club sign-ups, account registrations, ecommerce purchases) attributed to these clicks. 


A Boost in Site Traffic

When looking at site traffic in the months we ran these campaigns (October-December 2021), we see a year-over-year increase of 8.92% in direct traffic to the site. This is compelling evidence of these campaigns’ success: our audience was engaged and visited the site directly after seeing our ads via CTV and display.

Programmatic Media with Location3

By developing a true understanding of your goals as a company and the opportunities presented by each franchise, we develop unique omnichannel strategies that engage your target audience, demonstrate the value of your brand, and convert loyal customers. We look forward to replicating our success with your franchise.


This case study is a 2022 finalist for The Drum Marketing Awards: Media Planning/Buying

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