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Financial services customers are often security-focused and future-oriented. They are looking for financial stability and growth, and their motivations can include safeguarding their future, growing their wealth, or managing their finances more effectively. Location3 has a proven track record in the financial services sector. 

Since 1999, we've been helping financial brands leverage data to make strategic business decisions, optimize their media planning and buying, and increase ROI in a privacy-first environment. Our deep understanding of the financial services customer has enabled us to create tailored marketing strategies that drive results. We've been the trusted partner for financial brands, helping them navigate the digital landscape and connect with their customers effectively. 

By understanding the unique needs and motivations of financial services customers, Location3 can help financial brands align their marketing strategies with their business goals, driving growth and increasing customer engagement. 


Financial Services Case Study: The Power of Franchise Local Search Advertising

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Increase Quality Appointment Submissions

We find Search Advertising for franchise brands works best when Local and National search initiatives are operating in tandem. Here, we share data from a 6,000+ location franchise brand running both National and Local Search campaigns. Local Search campaigns for franchisees are driving quality appointment bookings and store visits more efficiently than National Search campaigns.

Gain Efficiency

Local Nonbrand Search is 47.6% more efficient than National Nonbrand campaigns at generating store visits from appointment submissions.

Local Nonbrand Search is
more efficient than National Nonbrand Search.
Local Conquesting campaigns drove
Higher Conversion Rates

Higher Conversion Rates

Local Conquesting Campaigns drove 464% higher conversion rates than National competitor conquesting.

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