Data Science and Analytics

How do you know when your marketing and advertising campaigns are doing well or doing poorly?

How do you know when your marketing and advertising campaigns are doing well or doing poorly? This is where data science has become a critical part of modern digital marketing. From heatmaps to multi-point attribution models, analytics and business intelligence allow you to see your successes and hurdles clearly.

Location3 can help you build the framework to understand and achieve growth through a proven analytics strategy. Our efforts help  your franchise network and local franchisees get the most out of your marketing campaigns, helping you spend more efficiently and attract more customers at a lower cost.

Why Location3?

Location3 provides expert data science and web analytics services to franchise and multi-location businesses. Our solutions help improve marketing performance across national campaigns while providing local market activation among your target audience. Our web analytics help you to attract prospective customers more efficiently at all points in the consumer journey and lead them to further engagement with your brand.

Unlock Your Marketing Performance with Thoughtful Analytics

If you know your marketing campaigns need analysis to take your digital performance to the next level, you've come to the right place. We can get you moving.

Data Science & Web Analytics Capabilities

Business intelligence through web analytics is crucial to the success of your digital marketing campaigns. Your achievements hinge on four essential elements:

Data Audit & Tracking Implementation

The beginning of business intelligence: Connecting your data and identifying the most important data points. The data audit allows us to analyze your data collection strategy and make improvements where needed. We ensure that all of your tracking tags are implemented correctly for the accurate transfer of information.

Customer Journey & UX Consulting

Understanding the path users take from initial interaction to conversion is important to help you understand what pieces for your digital strategy are working and which ones aren’t. Our team uses this information to help you shift budgets and align your omni-channel strategy closer to what your audience wants.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our data-driven testing approach to conversion rate optimization (CRO) ensures that the tests you run are justified and balanced by the way customers are realistically engaging with your brand. This limits your testing scope to practical ranges and can provide new and important directions for testing to ensure all customer journeys and experiences are well-optimized for conversion.

UX Personalization

We use data to personalize user interfaces for your brand and customers. We provide data-driven recommendations to improve user experience and reduce friction for your customers when engaging with your digital assets.

Data Science and Analytics Strategy for Franchises

Location3 has been working in digital marketing since 1999.  We have evolved with the industry and know what it takes to get your franchise brand’s digital campaigns performing their best. When it comes to fine-tuning your marketing assets for success, we know exactly what to do.

Location3 is proud of our work in franchising and have built hallmark business relationships, and resources that allow us to be the premier data analytics provider for franchise networks.

  • Member of the International Franchise Association Supplier Forum
  • Inclusion in the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives

The benefits of our relationships profoundly boost the quality of services that only we can provide to our franchise clients –and these are just some of the reasons we can provide a level of service that other digital agencies simply can't.

Your Data Science & Analytics Partner

Location3 Media has been in the business of optimizing digital performance since the late 90s. We know our way around digital media and are deeply entrenched in the small business & franchise communities. We know what it takes to be competitive in the online space. We use every piece of data available to make your campaigns perform better.

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