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Fitness customers can be motivated by a variety of goals, from improving their health to achieving a specific fitness milestone. Some may be beginners looking for guidance and support, while others may be experienced athletes seeking advanced training techniques. Location3 has a strong track record in the fitness industry. 

We understand the unique motivations of fitness customers and have helped fitness brands leverage this understanding to turn data into actionable insights, enhance their strategic roadmaps, optimize their media planning and buying, and increase ROI. We've been helping fitness brands inspire their customers and achieve their goals since 1999. 

By understanding the unique needs and motivations of fitness customers, Location3 can help fitness brands align their marketing strategies with their business goals, driving growth and increasing member engagement. 

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Fitness & Wellness Case Study: UFC GYM

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The Challenge

After seeing strong performance in our previously executed UFC GYM direct response campaigns, the UFC GYM team wanted to take a step further and drive awareness to keep filling the top of the funnel. UFC GYM had previously dedicated a large portion of their budget to direct mail and wanted to move more of those awareness dollars into digital, with a focus on leveraging digital video and CTV.

The Strategy

We implemented localized Connected TV (CTV) campaigns for a subset of Southern California UFC GYM locations with a variety of targeting tactics, including Demographic, Behavioral, and Addressable targeting. A month prior to launch, we set up geo-fences around the selected gym locations so we could filter out employees and current gym members from the campaigns. We also incorporated a list of current member data so that we could identify the lift driven from this campaign. Each location had a dedicated budget and started with an 8-mile radius. Our primary goal was to increase brand awareness, and the primary KPI was unique reach. Secondary metrics included gym visits. We also provided a keyword list for Keyword Search Targeting to capture in-market audiences based on a user’s search terms. We also implemented data that allowed us to target users that frequented related businesses within the same key audience, such as health food stores and competitor gyms.

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The Results

The campaign reached 201,219 unique users in the Southern California target markets and drove 910,063 total impressions and 389 tracked gym visits. Corona and Rosemead were the most successful markets with the most people reached, driving over 100 gym visits each at $41.31 and $48.24 cost per visit respectively. Feedback was positive from the UFC GYM team and they are interested in continuing CTV for struggling, Pre-Sale, or locations in dense areas.

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