Retail customers' interests and motivations can vary widely depending on the product category. Some may be motivated by price and are always looking for the best deal. Others may value quality and are willing to pay more for premium products. Some customers may be trend-driven, always on the lookout for the latest styles and products. In the retail sector, Location3 has been helping brands succeed in the digital age since 1999. 

We understand the diverse needs and wants of retail customers and have helped retail brands leverage this understanding to turn data into actionable business decisions, optimize their media planning and buying, and increase ROI. We've been the trusted partner for retail brands, helping them connect with their customers and provide them with the products they love. 

By understanding the unique needs and motivations of retail customers, Location3 can help retail brands align their marketing strategies with their business goals, driving growth and increasing customer engagement. 

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Retail Case Study: Ace Hardware

June 26, 2019 Oakdale / CA / USA - ACE Hardware store entrance; ACE Hardware is the world's largest hardware retail cooperative

The Challenge

With so many franchise owners featuring different product availability, advertising budgets and marketing ROI targets, Ace Hardware worked with Location3 and Google to create a scalable, owner-led Local Inventory Ads (LIA) + Store Pickup strategy for revenue growth for each retailer within the Ace Hardware community.

The Strategy

Ace teamed up with Location3 to engage individual store owners across the country and develop Local Invetory Ad (LIA) "sub-regions" for their Google Ads campaigns, allowing participating stores to pool LIA budgets and maximize store visits in their local communities. The LIAs combined targeted local media placements with an innovative use of Ace local product feeds to display real-time inventory for items related to user search and shopping results. This strategy focused on connecting potential customers with their nearest Ace location to make a purchase or a pickup in-store, knowing their product of choice was in stock. Ace used their LIA campaigns to further scale this program to more than 2,000 retail locations in less than a year.


The Results

By leveraging Local Inventory Ads, Ace Hardware has seen a significant lift in store visits and Omnichannel ROAS across participating retail locations. With LIAs, Ace now showcases its Store Pickup and Curbside Pickup options to meet the local consumer when they are searching for products that offer convenient and safe pickup. Key performance results from the campaign include a +1,542% increase in Store Visits, a +23% increase in Store Visit Rate and a +133% increase in Omni ROAS across retail locations.

Hear From Our Partners

Our performance with Local Inventory Ads and ‘Store Pickup’ has been amazing - our local business has grown substantially thanks to the high volume of store visits these ads deliver.

Dave Pizzolato
Ace Hardware
Director of Local Marketing

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