Healthcare customers are diverse, but their primary motivation is often health and well-being. They may be individuals seeking immediate care for an illness, families looking for a long-term healthcare provider, or patients managing chronic conditions. In the healthcare sector, Location3 has been instrumental in helping brands navigate the complex digital landscape. 

Our data-driven strategies have helped healthcare organizations turn insights into actionable business decisions, optimize their media planning and buying, and increase ROI. We understand the diverse needs of healthcare customers and tailor our strategies to meet these needs. Since 1999, we've been helping healthcare brands connect with their patients and provide them with the care they need. 

By understanding the unique needs and motivations of healthcare customers, Location3 can help healthcare brands align their marketing strategies with their business goals, driving growth and increasing patient engagement. 


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Healthcare Case Study: Keplr Vision

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The Challenge

Keplr Vision, a leading provider of business services for optometry practices, faced the dual challenge of generating immediate appointments for individual eye care offices and effectively managing the dynamic needs of their diverse partner practices. These challenges prompted the development of a multifaceted strategy to enhance brand awareness for some Keplr locations through paid social ads, generate valuable Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), and optimize the performance of paid search (PPC) advertising across a network of 276 locations.  

The Strategy

To address immediate appointment needs and enhance lead generation, Keplr Vision and Location3 executed a dynamic brand awareness strategy through social ads that were also successful in driving business results. Identifying key locations, the company maintained a continuous social media presence to keep their brands top of mind, highlighting adaptability by pausing and un-pausing campaigns based on demand for appointments. This agile approach not only increased brand awareness but also facilitated efficient lead generation.  

Simultaneously, Keplr Vision and Location3 addressed the complexities of tracking paid search business outcomes across 162 practice websites (276 locations). Implementing a third-party appointment scheduler, and collaborating with Location3's data analytics team, the company has continued to streamline its conversion tracking process, location by location, while integrating its scheduling software with the ad platforms so that more downstream performance insights are gained after form submissions and phone calls are captured.  

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The Results

The combined efforts of the brand awareness social ads strategy and the optimized paid search advertising approach resulted in significant improvements for Keplr Vision. The team achieved not only cost efficiencies but also increased brand visibility and a substantial rise in the number of appointments generated.  

Overall, Keplr Vision's initiatives led to a 32% YoY reduction in CPM, a 40% decrease in CPC (Cost Per Click), and an impressive 59% lower CPR (Cost Per Result) on paid social for driving MQLs. Simultaneously, the implementation of standardized tracking for paid search advertising facilitated a 48% increase in new locations launched, demonstrating the effectiveness of the comprehensive approach in achieving the company's goals.  

In conclusion, the cohesive strategy implemented by Location3 successfully addressed the challenges of immediate appointment generation and diverse tracking needs, resulting in a holistic improvement in brand performance, and lead generation for Keplr Vision. 


Hear From Our Partners

"Location3 has been an amazing partner to our company and our practices over the past several years. From tackling post-COVID patient scheduling uncertainties to launching data-driven patient growth initiatives, our Location3 Team continues to be a valuable extension of our Keplr Marketing Team!"

Megan Bachman
Marketing Director at Keplr Vision

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