Content Marketing

Content marketing is a foundational element of any serious online marketing campaign, earning its status as king of the marketing world through consistent performance.

Content marketing is a foundational element of any serious online marketing campaign, earning its status as king of the marketing world through consistent performance. A successful content marketing strategy provides relevant content to consumers based on market research, performance data, and well-crafted storytelling.

With our proprietary content programs and a software-with-a-service business model, we've created self-perpetuating sales momentum for some of the largest and smallest multi-location franchises on the planet by improving national and local search engine visibility.

Our goal is yours: to lead prospective customers to further engagement with your brand by attracting them at every point in the consumer journey.

Why Location3?

Location3 provides scalable content marketing programs that help elevate thought leadership in your niche. With a specialty for multi-location and franchise businesses, we owe our decades of success to a data-driven approach to every project.

Get Started with Content Marketing

Amplify your SEO performance with quality content that's relevant to your consumers.

Full-Service Content Marketing Capabilities

Location3's multi-disciplinary team unites a broad range of talents into a cohesive, multi-faceted content strategy that's customized for each client.

Customer Persona Investigation

With exhaustive market research, we establish an accurate target audience. By homing in on their unique character, the information they seek, and the delivery they best respond to, our brand-discovery process determines the niche that you – and you alone – can most effectively dominate.

Content Gap Analysis

Our content team uses this thorough process to document how well your existing content is meeting the needs of your customers. We then compare existing content to ideal production, identifying the gaps that must be filled in order to achieve maximum impact.

Content Calendar & Topic Research

After analyzing your existing content and your customers' needs, we identify the topics needed to fill the gaps between them. These findings direct the foundations of a new content calendar, where content assets are strategically mapped and sequenced.

Keyword Research & SERP Analysis

We cast a wide net of keyword research using a combination of web analytics, search trend data, keyword research tools, and more. We then take keyword research to the next level by analyzing the Search Engine Results Pages to discover the type of content needed to be successful in your niche.

Content Briefing & Post Outlines

Founded on results-driven data and well-crafted storytelling, we create an outline of the content portfolio that will best cater to the personal identities shared by your real-life customer base. Each new piece provides context for future development as we interlink content for a cohesive and self-reinforcing internal-linking structure that ensures optimal SEO ranking.


Having formulated your marketing plan, our experienced writers produce motivating stories, articles, blogs, product descriptions, infographics, images, and (much) more to deeply resonate with your audience for maximum engagement. The exact wording aligns with the findings of our SEO experts, which ensures that exceptional, polished content appears right where you need it to be.

Content Amplification & Distribution

Location3 produces, distributes, automates, and promotes your brand's content according to the precise niche that you aim to make waves in. Your business is then rewarded with increased search engine rankings, brand visibility, and customer awareness.

Content Strategy for Franchises

Location3 has developed advertising partnerships with some of the biggest global brands, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. With access to their elite marketing resources, our content strategy can be executed with tactical precision.

We are also proud of our other hallmark business networks relationships, and resources that allow us to be the premier content provider for franchise networks.

  • Member of the International Franchise Association Supplier Forum
  • Inclusion in the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives

The benefits of our resources profoundly boost the quality of services that only we can provide to our franchise clients –and these are just some of the reasons we can provide a level of service that standard blog agencies and content mills simply can't.

How to Get Started

Location3's content-marketing services are based on far-reaching and time-tested techniques that get results. By providing your clientele with invaluable and immediately useful content, we generate lasting brand awareness, customer loyalty, and the customer activity that drives sales.

If you're seeking a content marketing agency that gets equally high results in search-engine rankings and real-world customer action, look no further than Location3. With our depth of planning and a vast network of proprietary services at our disposal, we provide a thorough content strategy that drives results for your brand.