12 Days of Marketing Cheer

We are excited to kick off a very special holiday mini-blog series! Stay tuned for 12 days of marketing insights from our team at Location3! 

 Day 1: Sleigh Bells and SEO  

 We’ll explore the importance of optimizing content and using SEO strategies.   

 Day 2: Sparkling Seasons: Illuminating Holidays with Display Marketing Brilliance  

 We’ll dive into the brilliance of utilizing Display Ads and the magic of this brand awareness strategy.  

 Day 3: Search and Sleigh: Navigating Paid Search Strategy  

 We’ll explore why Paid Search strategies twinkle like holiday lights and discover why it’s optimal for conversions. 

 Day 4: Jingling All the Way to Social Media Success: The Gift of Paid Social Strategies  

 An insightful guide unwraps the present of paid social media strategies with tips on leveraging this digital marketing strategy.   

 Day 5: The Ghost of Marketing Past  

 We’ll reflect on the past year’s digital marketing trends. 

 Day 6: Santa’s Workshop: Behind the Scenes of L3  

 A quick dive into the hustle and bustle of the workshop of Location3.  

 Day 7: Tis the Season for Storytelling  

 Be prepared to immerse yourself in the warmth of yuletide tales, exploring how storytelling becomes the star atop the marketing tree.    

Day 8: Deck the Halls with 5-Star Joy: Navigating the Magic of Google Business Profile and Reviews   

Explore the strategies for optimizing your Google Business Profile so that it rings with holiday cheer.  

Day 9: Snowflakes and Segmentation: Targeting Your Niche Market  

A quick overview of tailoring to your target market and why it’s important. 

Day 10: Jingle Bells, YouTube Tells  

Discover the enchanting notes of engaging ad content and perks of this digital marketing awareness strategy.  

Day 11:  A Location3 Holiday Finale   

A fun Location3 story to spark some joy this holiday season.  

Day 12: New Year, New Cheer 

A Location3 tradition! Our team will share their predictions for 2024. 

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