Day 6: Santa’s Workshop: Behind the Scenes of L3

While the workshop of Location3 looks a bit different from the one in the North Pole. Our team embodies the Holiday spirit every day just like Santa’s elves. So, let’s unwrap our team’s core values with a touch of holiday cheer!  

Visions of Candy Canes – Critical Big Picture Thinking 

Like Santa mapping his route for the Holidays, we fearlessly face the unknown, spotting possibilities and leaping on opportunities. Along our journey, we collect lessons like ornaments, knowing that the tiniest details can make all the difference. We’re focused, detailed, and goal-oriented, ensuring our holiday dreams come true for us and our partners too.  

Innovative Elves – Innovative Thought Leaders 

Consider us the elves of innovation, solving problems with precision. We strive to light up solutions, pushing the limits with a strategic approach and a common purpose to be the catalysts for positive change. We are leaders and risk-takers, making our workshop (and workspace) a hub of creativity.  

Stewards of Festive Joy – Account Stewards of our Partners  

We see ourselves as Santa’s helpers, supporting our clients through the ever-evolving business winter wonderland. With transparent conversations as clear as a starry night, with active listening, we’re respectful, organized, and result-driven. Just like Santa checking his list, we can ensure everything is checked twice.  

Jingle Bell Collaborators – Collective & Adaptable  

Gather ‘round the tree, for we are a synergetic ensemble, spreading empowerment and enthusiasm. Adaptability is our secret, making us resourceful and ready to tackle challenges with a “can-do” spirit.  

Festive Programmatic – Data-Driven Creatives  

In the spirit of the season, we joyfully embrace diverse perspectives, creating a harmonious environment that balances equal parts left brain and right brain. With hearts full of passion, intuition as bright as holiday lights, and analytical minds sharper than ever. We dance through the data-driven wonderland of creativity. 

Tune in tomorrow for Day 7: Tis the Season for Storytelling!

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