Industry Roundup: July 2021

Person using braille screen reader.

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Are Your Sites ADA Compliant? 

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) celebrated its 31st anniversary this week – are your websites accessible? ADA protections to provide reasonable accommodation extend to websites! Beyond the desire to be more inclusive (or avoid costly legal battles), marketers should want to extend the reach of our content to all – it benefits our brands and opens doors to in-market audiences. Get started with these 10 principles of accessible web design from Search Engine Land. 

 The Third Wave of Streaming – Back to Couch Consumption 

As Brian Albert writes in his piece for Think with Google, the third wave of video streaming has us back in the living room, back to the television. Streaming platforms are drawing massive audiences, and overall watch time has increased 80% year over year. This provides advertisers with the unique opportunity to reach the most relevant audiences in a more cost-effective way than traditional television. Plus, digital tv advertising provides a wealth of data which can then be used to further engage with the customers you care about most. Learn more about viewing habits in Albert’s article. 

Watch our Digital TV Webinar to learn more about Location3’s approach. 

 Facebook Ad Targeting Bounces Back 

Facebook Advertising iconBased on data analysis by Ad Bacon, a digital ad optimization company, Apple’s iOS 14.5 update and its app tracking transparency feature did not have a significant impact on audience sizes overall. Facebook’s remarketing audiences may be declining, but demographic and behavioral targeting segments are becoming increasingly resilient, which means they remain an effective advertising tool in a privacy-focused world. Read more about Ad Bacon’s analysis in Laurie Sullivan’s piece for Media Post. 

How to Integrate Google Search Console (GSC) and Google My Business (GMB) for Local Visibility 

While both provide reporting on organic search results, performance differs between GSC and GMB. Leo Chen explores the discrepancy between the two and how to leverage both for better local visibility in search results. In Chen’s article for Location3, find information to better understand your data and your next steps to expanding awareness and driving customers with local SEO. 

 Google My Business Photo & Video Guide 

Your business listing on Google My Business (GMB) is a fundamental part of your digital presence and should be considered an extension of your website. Keeping your images and videos in-line with Google’s latest guidance is an important component of your listing. Update your listing with our handy digest of photo and video requirements. 

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