Industry Roundup: December 2020

  Location3’s 2021 Marketing Industry Predictions – Watch Now!  Location3’s digital marketing experts share their insights into what to expect in 2021! In an industry that sees constant change, and following a year that threw all predictions out the window, our team is […]

Industry Roundup: November 2020

  Not too late to register! The Franchise Activation Conference is this week Achieve growth in 2021 with the help of the International Franchise Association, Google, and LOCALACT. The Franchise Activation Conference will feature two […]

Monthly Industry Roundup: October 2020

  Moving Forward 2021: Restaurant Edition Part Two of our video series on the franchising industry bears a new name: Moving Forward 2021. And this time, we’re diving into the restaurant industry with Ted Asbury, […]

Monthly Industry Roundup: August 2020

  Filling the Gaps in Multi-Location Marketing  We’re intrigued by a recent Forrester study on multi-location marketing that indicates how far behind the curve many franchise brands are when it comes to successfully executing local marketing […]

Monthly Industry Roundup: July 2020


Monthly Industry Roundup: June 2020