Industry Roundup – June 2024

Here are the latest updates for the month of June:


Elevate your local marketing – the LOCALACT Mobile app is officially here! This game-changing experience brings the power of LOCALACT right to your fingertips. Available for iOS and Android.

Google Search API Leaks – 4 Part Series

The SEO community has been shaken by the unexpected leak of Google Search API documents, revealing unprecedented insights into Google’s search algorithms. Join us for this four-part series where Location3’s very own Jimmy Chan covers the Google Search API Leaks! Read it here.

Franchise Customer Experience Conference 2024

Our Location3 team proudly sponsored and supported the Franchise Customer Experience Conference (FCXC) in Atlanta, GA. The event featured thought-provoking sessions and engaging discussions, providing valuable insights into how technology, data, and AI are shaping the franchising landscape and customer experience. Read it here.

Forbes – Consumer Behavior Shifts

Forbes shares “16 Big Shifts in Consumer Behavior That Are Impacting Marketing Today” highlighting key trends that marketers need to pay attention to in 2024. These shifts include increased use of AI and automation, a growing preference for personalized and immersive shopping experiences, and a rise in sustainability and ethical consumption. Read it here.

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