Keeping Team Huddles Engaging and Productive

Your team meeting needs a haircut! A mullet. No, I’m not kidding. Location3’s Director of Engineering, Henry Dittmer, shared his insights on running an effective engineering sync-up with Built In Colorado for their piece, “How […]

Location3 Adds to Growing Sales & Engineering Teams
We're excited to see our team grow! This month, Location3 added two new dynamic team members - read on to learn more about them. Julie Whitney Q1: What role will you play at Location3? [JW]: [...]
Built In Colorado: Live Your Best Remote Work Life feat. Location3

Location3’s Director of Marketing Technology, Jim Halligan has worked remotely for five years. He shares his advice with Built In Colorado on creating work-life boundaries, meditation, and doubling down on communication efforts. Here’s a highlight […]

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