2021 Marketing Predictions: Watch Now

  As we get ready to close the books on 2020 and wrap up what has been an interesting year to say the least, we also wanted to provide some predictions for what we think […]

Digital Recap: Better Understand Facebook’s CAPI

  Facebook’s Conversions API: Start Now!  With changes to consumer privacy law (and ergo web development), advertisers will need to use new tools in order to bring consumers the personalized ads that they prefer. Facebook’s Conversions API is the […]

Digital Recap: Spruce-Up Your Digital Presence for the Holidays

  Connected TV (CTV) Advertising  Ross Benes, in his report for eMarketer on the topic, calls Connected TV “a surging channel in an uncertain year.” According to Benes’s report, ad spend on CTV in 2020 will total $8.11 billion and is set to […]

Digital Recap: California’s CPRA and More

  What Marketers Need to Know about California Prop 24  Prop 24, the Consumer Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), is a revision to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) that won voter approval in California on Tuesday with 56% of the vote. Ronan Shields covered […]

New Employee Spotlight

  Location3 is growing, and we’ve added some wonderful new members to our Sales and Account Management teams. To learn more about our newest employees and their goals at L3, read on! Kara Smith Q1: […]

Monthly Industry Roundup: October 2020

  Moving Forward 2021: Restaurant Edition Part Two of our video series on the franchising industry bears a new name: Moving Forward 2021. And this time, we’re diving into the restaurant industry with Ted Asbury, […]