Google I/O Recap

  One of my favorite times of year wrapped up last month – that’s right, Google I/O! As a precursor to this article, I have to admit that I am a Google advocate, so this […]

MarTech Conference Recap

  In case you missed it, MarTech made its virtual conference free for everyone this year – and all sessions are available on demand with your free registration! Location3 took full advantage. Here’s a recap of a few of the sessions we attended.   Keynote– Getting Traction […]

Location3 Spotlight: Internship Program

  Regardless of the unique situation this year – with minimal in-person contact or visits to the office, Location3 has still managed to provide an indispensable experience for the company through the internship program. By […]

Industry Roundup: January 2021

  Does Advertising Work?   Well, does it? And how can you tell? Hear more from Location3’s CEO, Alex Porter, on new challenges in demonstrating digital ROAS in 2021 and how to sleep better about your ad spend. Digital advertising is a […]

Does Advertising Work?


2021 Marketing Predictions: Watch Now

  As we get ready to close the books on 2020 and wrap up what has been an interesting year to say the least, we also wanted to provide some predictions for what we think […]