5 Tips for Millennial-Friendly Content



It’s hard to overstate the importance of creating content that appeals to Millennials, but content professionals are certainly trying. It’s the world’s largest generation and the first to grow up with all of the nice things, and that is fascinating and important for marketers trying to engage and influence Millennials. Keeping pace with their tastes is difficult, but it’s necessary for your brand’s relevance and future. So take off your highbrow armor, and play their game. Here are five tips for Millennial-friendly content.

1.   Let Them in on a Secret

Facts and research are boring. Important, indisputable, honorable, but boring. Millennials want instant insight. They will spend time with content they feel gives them an edge or keeps them in the know. Explanation is not as exciting as revelation. Create content that mentions ‘how,’ but reveals ‘why’.

2.   Value Their Success

There is no secret code to be cracked here. Millennials want to be successful, just like every other generation before them. Create content that gives them tools and strategies to help them take the next step socially or professionally. This puts the consumer at the center of the all-important story and motivates them directly.

3.   Know Your Memes


Employing social media trends (memes, gifs, Snaps, Instagram, Vines, Reddit) in your content will showcase your brand’s cutting-edge voice and relevance. But be sure to understand the trends first. Millennials can smell a phony from a mile away, so ditch the #FirstWorldProbz video series, and produce content that’s in on the joke.

4.   Humor is King

Content needs to be emotionally charged. Inspirational quotes and puppies are top performers because they tug on heart strings. Nostalgic content is also a popular strategy for engaging Millennials (Saved by the Bell really was a good show). But the most effective (shared) content continues to be humorous. It’s quick, enjoyable and appeals to everyone. Silly and random are especially effective for the younger members of the generation.

5.   Stay Current

Millennials want news, but their definition of news is different than your uncle’s. Don’t be above commenting on or incorporating celebrity gossip into your content. That doesn’t mean reporting Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s divorce, but know that it happened. Meek Mill has beef with Drake? Refer to it in a tweet. This gives your brand personality.

But mostly, puppies.


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