A Google Valentine with This American Life


If you are in need of a little sentimental sap today, take a gander at the Google homepage. As with tradition, Google has celebrated the holiday with a heart-shaped logo transformation. But even better than that, each heart includes a story from This American Life introduced by Ira Glass. The six short stories celebrate different aspects of love and relationships, from a school girl crush to a blind date.

Google Valentines Logo 2014 - This American LifeI am by no means a huge V Day kinda girl (out of respect to my former single self), but this one won me over. I love This American Life and I love Ira Glass, so partnering up with them is an A+ in my book. What a perfectly sentimental way to celebrate the “holiday”. Nice one Google!

OR…If you would prefer to not think about what day it is, continue searching from your browser bar


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