A Master Class in Content Marketing


This past Wednesday I was lucky enough to go the very first Content Marketing Master Class put on by the Content Marketing Institute. All the GOATS were there: Founder Joe Pulizzi, Chief Strategist Robert Rose, copyblogger.com founder Brian Clark and The Curtis Hotel’s Gloria, Appetizer Passer to the Stars.

Instead of transcribing my cheese-splattered notes I thought I’d use some of the free visual content sites I’ve been digging lately to frame some highlights. By now we know images drive engagement, but it’s a big time and resource drain to use the Design Team every time we want to get something up about a trending topic. Sure, I’m learning Photoshop Elements through a Slovakian YouTube tutorial, but when I don’t have 40 minutes to search for the “Razumiem Tool” these resources rock.



Pinwords allows you to easily add stylized text to any of your images and share directly from the platform if you choose. Unsplash is a great resource for copyright-free images with a modern feel. Just don’t forget the attribution to the great photographers who share on the site (thanks for these two Todd Quackenbush and Matthew Wiebe)!

Joe Pulizzi


Have a killer quote to share? Please don’t stop at slightly-increased-font-italics. Notegraphy allows you to beautifully stylize any quote with more than 20 free themes. Because sometimes words just want to feel pretty too, ok?


Finally, Canva has been a revelation to me. This design studio lets you start with the proper formatting for common social channels (no more square pegs in round profile pics), choose from beautiful layouts or easily create your own with custom images. Bonus: I love this quote from Brian Clark and am sticking it my back pocket for the next time someone wants to go a quarter of the way toward having a strong voice in content.

That’s all folks. And a very merry weekend to you!


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