Account Executive Nick Neels Wins Klout Score Competition


The Location3 Media Klout Score Competition is officially over, and we have our grand prize winner! Congratulations to Account Executive Nick Neels! Nick had the highest average month over month increase from August 2013 to January 2014. And he’ll be attending SXSW in March as the grand prize. Nick’s final improved score was 476.86, just narrowly beating out Matt Lacuesta with 456.86 (using our handicap formula created by our data intelligence team, not straight Klout scores).

We also have stats from our monthly competition. For January 2014:

Highest Score = Sean Bucher, 62 (@spbucher)

Most Improved = Matt Lacuesta, 57 to 60 (@MattLacuesta)

Thanks again to everyone that participated. Just because the competition is over doesn’t mean we are going to stop using social media to build our personal brands and connect with other industry influencers. Building our own brands gives us insight into strategies for our clients along with raising our overall digital visibility.

Congrats again Nick, and all the other winners over the past six months!


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