Keeping Team Huddles Engaging and Productive

  Your team meeting needs a haircut! A mullet. No, I’m not kidding. Location3’s Director of Engineering, Henry Dittmer, shared his insights on running an effective engineering sync-up with Built In Colorado for their piece, […]

SEO for Single Page Applications

  It has been said a million times before, but the internet is changing. It’s not only changing how people consume content or interact with businesses; website design, structure and build are also evolving. JavaScript […]

Digital Shoptalk: 2018 Industry Recap & 2019 Marketing Predictions

  It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of 2018 and even harder to believe that this is Episode #50 of our beloved Digital Shoptalk series! This year has brought about a wealth […]

Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Recap of 2018 Industry Developer Conferences

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Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Data Transparency, AI, and Review Management

  Digital Shoptalk is back! On this episode, Alex and Josh discuss: the implications of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica turmoil, including big changes in European advertising regulations; how artificial intelligence and machine learning are set to […]

Digital Shoptalk Podcast: 2018 Marketing Predictions

  As has become tradition here over the past few years, we sat down at the end of December and spent some time reviewing what we achieved in 2017, what we learned as a result, […]