Competitor Analysis: Taking Your SEO Game to the Next Level


seotoolsAt Location3, the SEO team uses many great optimization tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and AuthorityLabs (to name just a few) that give us invaluable insight into the performance of our clients’ websites. We’re able to see traffic stats, conversion metrics, crawl issues, etc.

But what about the tools that provide information about the performance of our clients’ competitors? We may not have access to their Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools accounts, but the tools below allow us to do reverse engineering and truly understand the competitive online landscape for each of our clients.


SpyFu is a great tool for executing competitor research. When looking at another website’s strategy, you can analyze what the brand is doing organically and from a paid search standpoint, as well. Find out which keywords are being used for SEO and which are being bid on in PPC campaigns and daily cost. This helps our team execute an in-depth gap analysis when it comes to on-page optimization and even content creation.


Majestic is a reliable link intelligence tool that allows us to see what kinds of backlinks our clients have, but it also allows us to analyze what online competitors are doing. Do they have spammy links that could potentially be harmful? Which links do you have in common and most importantly, which credible backlinks do your competitors have that you don’t? This tool provides great insight into possible link building/earning opportunities that may have otherwise been overlooked.

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, it’s critical to know who your online competitors are and where you stand among them. Take your SEO game to the next level by utilizing some of the tools mentioned in this blog. Let us know what SEO tools are giving you the best results!


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