Diversity & Inclusion at Location3

At Location3, we believe in the power of a diverse workforce and want to show by our actions that we mean it. That means seeking out diverse candidates for hiring. It means valuing the diverse members of our staff and providing them with paths to promotion. It means providing a psychologically safe environment for all. 

We are committed to making measurable changes to improve equity in our organization, and we are embracing the ways we can welcome more diversity into our workforce, company practices and culture.   

Here’s our start: 

Diversity & Inclusivity Committee

Our Diversity & Inclusivity (D&I) Committee is a team of volunteers seeking to bring the diversity conversation to the forefront. Our subcommittees are evaluating all aspects of our business with a new lens – one that tries to identify and address inequities. We’re focused on recruiting efforts for engaging a more diverse candidate pool, attracting and serving a diverse clientele, providing anti-racism training and resources for staff, and getting involved in our community. 


We are committed to community involvement and have found several ways to contribute, both in volunteer work and financial donations. In 2020, Location3 proudly participated in virtual career days with Denver Public Schools and Girls Inc to generate awareness about different career paths in digital marketing to a diverse, young audience. In this way, we hope to build diversity into our industry from the ground-up. Location3 has also supported various social justice efforts by matching employee monetary donations. In 2020, Location3 and its employees donated over $10k to the following causes: 

Our Employees

We hope to diversify our employee base by engaging with more diverse job posting sites and expanding to hiring across the country for remote positions. We are also working to provide ongoing educational opportunities for our employees to better understand racial inequity in our country and industry. Dr. Lisa Brock hosted one such session – Social Justice and Anti-Racism Training – for one of our company-wide learning hours. We continue to find space for more conversations on this topic and hope to provide the environment where all employees feel a sense of mutual respect, safety, and that they are heard.  

Our Leaders

We are dedicated to having leaders who are inclusive and foster an environment where every team member feels supported.  We are working with our leaders to help them understand and become aware of unconscious biases so that we can create a community that is open to different perspectives.

Location3’s hope is that diversity becomes a natural part of who we are and that all team members feel respected, valued, seen and heard.  We no longer believe in staying quiet around the topic of diversity but are committed to speaking up and creating change.   

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