Golf Day 2017 Recap


With its festive atmosphere and cutthroat competition, the Location3 Par 3 Classic is considered by many to be golf’s true fifth major. This year was no different with several teams vying for the prestigious trophy right up to the legendary, 65-yard 9th hole at beautiful Harvard Gulch.

In the end, only one foursome could take the ceremonial drink from the cup. At one-under par, the Fighting Flamingos took home the seventh annual Golf Day Championship. Not far behind were the Human Solar Eclipse and Famous Athletes at even-par.

Perhaps more intense than the action on the course is the costume contest in which each foursome shows its team unity by donning themed outfits. With John Daly clones, dinosaurs, Smurfs, bachelorette parties, and assorted felines, this year’s contest was one of the most hotly contested in Golf Day history.

In the end, Sarah Penrod’s Bachelorette Party were the victors, capitalizing on timeliness and powerhouse performances from Alex Porter and Ian Jakalow (see gallery).

Congrats to all of the winners, and thanks to Biker Jim’s for catering lunch. We’ll see all of you at The Gulch next year!

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