How to Use Google Posts to Protect Customers in Dangerous Weather

If your business is often in the path of inclement weather, you might already have a plan to protect your store and your employees, but did you know you can also utilize your Google My Business listing to help keep your customers safe as well? Creating a Google Event Post can help warn your customers of changing store hours, stock, and other crucial information.

Prompt Customers to Call in Inclement Weather

As Hurricane Florence approached North Carolina in September, a national chain of hardware supply stores knew it had to prep for an influx of customer activity along the southeast coast. Customers were sure to have plenty of questions, but the stores wanted to prompt them to call before venturing out into the harsh weather and possibly putting themselves in danger.

Google Event Posts were a perfect solution. Their position near the top of the listing along with a clear headline and clickthrough button prompting users to call made sure all potential customers were directed to call first before making any decisions. The post launched September 13th and ran until September 20th to ensure visibility just before Hurricane Florence hit and allow the stores time to regroup in the aftermath.

Google Event Post Increases Engagement

After the storm had dissipated, we returned back to the stores that were impacted to view their overall engagement during this time period. While we anticipated a rise from general interest, we found a large increase for all Engagement Actions that could be taken on the listing, up 111% comparatively from the same month the last year. While a number of users clicked through to the website or initiated driving directions, over 57% of users instead chose to call. This 163% increase in phone calls from the previous year was supported by the Google Event Post that clearly prompted users to call.

To better serve your customers and keep them safe the next time your store is affected by severe weather, make sure to add a Google Event Post to your preparedness plan!

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