10 Ways to Make MS adCenter Desktop Crash


I severely dislike using MS adCenter Desktop. Actually I’ll just say it. I hate it.

Recently, after importing a campaign from Google, I tried to delete keyword URLs en mass by clicking on the Keywords tab at the account level, changing my column view to show the Destination URL and then sorting that column. Every which way I tried to sort, adCenter crashed. Then as I gave up on sorting the column (I even exported to Excel and then tried to re-import – and it crashed) I decided to scroll through my 65K + keyword list to just delete the keyword URLs as I came across them.

Getting impatient I started to highlight 2 keywords at a time, but the Desktop tool doesn’t allow you to just delete the (varies) note in the Destination URL field, so I tried to populate it with something else. It crashed.

Starting it up again for the hundredth time I decided to be patient and try deleting them one at a time… again. And it crashed.

If adCenter is the future of the Search Alliance then they better pull what ever team supposedly fixed Vista with Windows 7 (I am Apple and a Dock was my idea), and put them to work on this big fat useless piece of crap that has never made an account manager’s life easy.

I need to go and apologise to my mouse who is now recovering in Intensive IT Room Care after I smashed on my desk a couple of hundred times (about the same amount of times Desktop has crashed on me today).

Unfortunately I have to still delete these destination URL parameters from the keywords, so there better be a few mice on standby,


8 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make MS adCenter Desktop Crash

  1. ha! I see things haven’t changed much at AdCenter since I last worked with it (2008). In 2005, I got to give a piece of my mind to the creators of AdCenter in person, to my knowledge, the problems I pointed out still exist. Don’t hold your breath for fixes on the desktop package.

  2. Wassup Stephanie!
    I know that feeling when software acts up and doesn’t work right! Trust me! However, I happen to work on the Desktop and would love to address this specific URL issue and maybe ALL other issues you are running into. If you can, please respond to my follow up email I sent you. 🙂 Hope to talk to ya soon… take care!

  3. I spent 15 minutes on Google Adwords Editor, 20 minutes on Yahoo SM Desktop, and 4 hours on adCenter Desktop bulk deleting Destination URL’s at the keyword level. I tried all of the tricks Stephanie tried (wish I had see your post first). What finally worked is – Sort by destination URL. Select all of them and type some nonsense in the Destination URL box – I used “xyz123” which will change the destination URL to that nonsense for all of the lines. I then selected about 500 lines at a time and used the “replace” function to replace the xyz123 with . Not sure where the limit is, but more than 500 results in no changes with the “replace” function. If Microsoft made the engineers who wrote this POS destop application actually use it to manage a large PPC account, maybe they could get it right next time – or, ask Google to send a copy of their desktop application – it works fine…

  4. Stephanie, did Adib the adCenter Desktop rep ever help you? I would love to hear any tricks.

    I too find the Desktop tool to be bordering on worthless. I need to find and replace about 10,000 urls per campaign (6 campaigns) and I have yet to find a way to do that with ACE. It always sits there and then changes nothing unless I do 10 or fewer at a time.

    adCenter has been behind the times for going on 6 years now. It is a total joke and it stuns me that they NEVER seem to fix anything or make anything better.

    Here is a clue adCenter: If you want to make more money, make tools that work so it is easy for me to give it to you.

  5. Hey Craig, I do a lot of find/replace on ACD, and dislike the slowness of it and the fact that it does not update real time (you need to click away from the field you have just changed). It is better than the YSM Desktop, which fails to replace half of what you ask it to, and even seems to revert what you have changed at time (maybe I have had one too many long days using it and are seeing things, but none the less it is very frustrating).

    I have submitted a usability document to the MS developers who contacted me about this post so I am hoping that they at least listen.

  6. Thanks Paul,

    I just tried your tip of changing the keywords to 12345 and it worked a treat! (after wasting 30 minutes trying to remove keyword destination URLs from ad center desktop.)

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