SES Chicago Soundbites


I had so much fun creating the Content Marketing World soundbites images, I decided to do the same with from my recent trip to Search Engine Strategies in Chicago. Below are some of the great insights and quotes I jotted down while at SES Chicago.

photo credit: eliot. via photopin cc

“Don’t interrupt [consumers] at point of need, become part of their life.”  Avinash Kaushik (@avinash), Google

 photo credit: Leonard John Matthews via photopin cc

“I may buy humans, but I have never bought links.” Brent Payne (@BrentDPayne), Loud Interactive

photo credit: sj_sanders via photopin cc

“The best links require editorial approval.” Chuck Price (@chuckprice518), Measurable SEO

SES Chicago Soundbite - Natural Language Links SEO and Social

photo credit: DailyPic via photopin cc

“Natural language connects social and search.” Rob Garner (@robgarner), iCrossing

SES Chicago Soundbites - Last Click Attribution 51 Percent

photo credit: Tjflex2 via photopin cc

“Last click attribution is only right 51% of the time.” Bill Mongovan (@bmungovan), Adobe


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