Content marketing is an online marketing strategy that provides potential customers with valuable and useful content – increasing brand awareness, brand loyalty, and driving customer action.

Content is an all-encompassing term for almost any information available on the internet. Through blogs, forums, social media, photos, infographics, and more – content marketing strategically shapes and promotes your content to reach your ideal customer.

Content marketing is a foundational element of any serious online marketing campaign, earning its status as king of the marketing world through consistent performance. A successful content marketing strategy provides relevant content to consumers based on market research, performance data, and well-crafted storytelling.

Your business is then rewarded with increases in ranking on search engine results, brand visibility, and customers. Our content team uses a combination of tactics to produce, distribute, and promote your brand’s content. Learn more about Location3’s strategic approach to content marketing below.

Market Research

Before producing any content, we must establish an accurate target audience. Market research reveals this audience and provides context for future content development. Through brand discovery and data analysis, we zero in on who your customers are, what information they need, and how that information should be delivered.

Content Planning

Next we analyze how your existing content is meeting customer needs and identify any holes in your current content marketing strategy. These findings further direct content ideation and form the foundation of a content calendar, where content assets are strategically mapped and recorded.

Content Development

Once we’ve established the environment in which your content will succeed, our experienced team of writers begins producing content that resonates with your audience. Our content team works in tandem with our SEO experts to not only create well-crafted, engaging content, but also to ensure that each piece of content is driven by strategy.

Customer Personas

Personas are fictional representations of your customers based on analytics data and market research. They include insights into demographics, behavior patterns, and motivations. We use these personas to guide content ideation and production.

Competitive Analysis

We monitor and analyze your competition’s content, identifying opportunities to provide more relevant information to shared audiences while surpassing the competition in search engine rankings.

Content Gap Analysis

Our content team uses this thorough process to document how well your existing content is meeting the needs of your customers. We then compare existing content to ideal production, identifying the gaps that must be filled in order to achieve maximum impact.

Content Calendar

Content production must be well-organized and efficient, but it also must have purpose. A content calendar provides a detailed road map to success, addressing strategic initiatives in addition to ensuring consistent production.

Keyword Research

Consistent production is nice, but without a focused keyword strategy, your content won’t reach its potential. We use a content opportunity analysis to identify strategic keyword targets that elevate your brand and drive customers to your stores.

Compelling Story

Our content team is well-versed in storytelling, providing an informed and interesting perspective that inspires confidence and action in consumers. We place great emphasis on adhering to your brand standards while also trusting our creative instincts to push your content strategy forward.


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