3 Digital Strategies to Watch in 2016


Happy New Year everyone! Hope you are enjoying your year so far and are holding strong on those New Year resolutions! Last month I talked about the strategies we liked in 2015, so to go with the theme of the New Year, I’m going to focus on some predictions for 2016.



Native advertising continues to grow and evolve. There are now more vendors offering a native solution, and more publishers are adding native placements to their advertising mix. In addition to just the increased volume of native available, some vendors are now allowing you to layer on targeting to your native strategy. It’s not to the level of programmatic, but it’s taken a big step forward.

Moving into 2016, we predict that evolution to continue.  With the increase of ad-blocking software, native placements will have an even larger impact. It will be interesting, however, to see how the FTC will impact native and if their increased regulation actually decreases its effectiveness.


Cross-device attribution and reporting is one of my favorite things, which goes back to my love for mobile. While I know this isn’t new, I see reporting becoming more streamlined and actionable for advertisers in 2016. Right now reporting is limited to a few vendors who are doing it well. DoubleClick has added a cross-device report to their reporting suite, but in its current state, still takes extensive analysis to make it actionable. Once they are able to integrate it into their attribution suite, I see it being very valuable for advertisers.

Traditional Integrations

The cross between traditional mediums and digital have already begun, but we will see the technology and the prominence of those strategies increase in 2016. Programmatic TV and marketing based on TV viewing behaviors grew significantly in 2015 and will continue to grow in 2016. I also see the ability to programmatically place digital outdoor ads becoming more widely available. One company is doing this on a limited basis now, and Google has been doing some testing, so this will also likely expand in 2016.

Hope this gets you a little excited about what’s to come in 2016. We are definitely excited for 2016 and to see what other new technologies and opportunities arise.


Image credit: Phill Ohren

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