3 Reasons Facebook Ads Outperform Boosted Posts

Boosted Posts are inexpensive ads that appear as organic posts within a user’s News Feed. These ads are a relatively effective tool for increasing engagement with a business’s Facebook profile. But for businesses that are serious about advertising on Facebook, Facebook Ads offer a more complete package. Here are three reasons Facebook Ads outperform Boosted Posts.

Custom Audiences

Facebook’s most powerful and highest-converting tool is Custom Audiences. This tool is available in Facebook Ads, but it’s not an option for Boosted Posts. Custom Audiences are built by uploading a customer list or using a source on your website, such as website visitors. Website visitors and past customers are more familiar with your brand and products, making them up to 70% more likely to click on a Facebook Ad and follow through with the desired action.

Running any type of marketing campaign without using Custom Audiences is like racing without tires. All of the Interests and Page Likes your profile has earned get customers on the track, while Custom Audiences push them toward the finish line.

Facebook Pixel Optimizations

Facebook Pixel allows advertisers to establish a website event or action to optimize towards.  For example, they could set a “Lead” website action. Facebook puts all website users who filled out a lead form into the “Lead” action bucket.

Because every business has specific types of customers, users in the “Lead” bucket will often share themes or interests. Facebook identifies those themes and uses that information to choose who to serve Ads to and when to serve them. This process is why users often share the experience of simply thinking about a product and then seeing it in their News Feed just days later. This happens because a user’s online interests and behavior are similar to that company’s ideal customer.

Pixel optimizations are critical to your campaign’s success because it tells Facebook what type of customers to identify, allowing you to target users most likely to connect with your ads.

Variable Testing 

The reason digital marketing has become so powerful is our ability to test, learn, and apply what we’ve learned to improve performance. A Facebook Boosted Post has one audience, one image, and one set of copy. This limited set of variables prevents advertisers from testing and learning how other ad variables could improve performance.

Facebook Ads allows advertisers to test multiple audiences, images, copy, headlines, landing pages, and more. All of this additional information provides advertisers with the insights to create the most effective ads possible — giving you an advantage over your competition while using your budget in the most efficient way possible.

We highly recommend using Facebook Ads for the most immediate lift to your business. Facebook Ads also provides insights and identifies strategies that will inspire confidence in your long-term planning.

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