Allen: How to Optimize Your Franchise for Google My Business

Effectively managing your online presence is one of the best strategies for driving foot traffic to your franchise. Your online presence is primarily dictated by Google, the search engine behemoth that is responsible for recording, analyzing, and promoting your business information.

Most of this information is stored and displayed as part of your Google My Business profile. If you’re unfamiliar with Google My Business, or you’re looking for tips on optimizing your Google My Business profile for maximum exposure, Location3’s Director of Marketing Josh Allen has you covered in this month’s Franchising USA Magazine. Here’s an excerpt from his post, “How to Optimize Your Franchise for Google My Business“:

“…franchisees can enhance their Google profiles by actively creating and posting content using the Google My Business Posts feature. These posts can often act as micro advertisements or promotions, similar to more traditional social media posts on places like Facebook and add an additional layer of localization and authenticity to each GMB profile to enhance the customer experience.”

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