Keeping Team Huddles Engaging and Productive

  Your team meeting needs a haircut! A mullet. No, I’m not kidding. Location3’s Director of Engineering, Henry Dittmer, shared his insights on running an effective engineering sync-up with Built In Colorado for their piece, […]

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Built In Colorado: Live Your Best Remote Work Life feat. Location3

  Location3’s Director of Marketing Technology, Jim Halligan has worked remotely for five years. He shares his advice with Built In Colorado on creating work-life boundaries, meditation, and doubling down on communication efforts. Here’s a […]

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Podcast: The Unique Challenges of Franchise Marketing

  When we think of a franchise business, we often think of fast-food giants like McDonald’s or Subway. But the franchising world expands far beyond these power players. On the most recent episode of the […]

Franchising World: Key Marketing Initiatives for Franchises

  The franchisor-franchisee relationship can be complicated when it comes to marketing. Franchisors often focus their budgets on driving brand awareness, while franchisees tend to focus on driving store visits. Both approaches are fair as […]