IFA 2024 Marketing, Development & Technology Toolkit

In the competitive world of franchising, integrating national, regional, and local marketing strategies is crucial for sustained growth and profitability. Effective marketing integration acts as a major differentiator for franchises, providing a cohesive branding and communication strategy crucial for penetrating markets and generating leads, customers, and sales at all business levels. Unified national, regional, and local campaigns create a seamless customer experience and a consistent brand message, fostering increased loyalty and customer engagement. Moreover, this 3 tiered integration allows franchisors to utilize the full spectrum of data and technology resources to tailor campaigns that resonate across diverse markets.


To examine why franchisors must embrace this integration and how they can effectively do so in the future, read the featured article by Josh Allen, Location3’s V.P. of Marketing & Certified Franchise Executive, in the 2024 Marketing, Development and Technology Toolkit (published by the International Franchise Association).

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